Ohio State Fair Butter Exhibit Celebrates Columbus Bicentennial

(Columbus, OH) This year there is new meaning to the phrase “party ‘til the cows come home”. The American Dairy Association created a 5 feet wide by 6 feet high butter tribute to honor the 200th birthday of Columbus. This ‘butter birthday cake’ is on display at the Ohio State Fair, along with the famous butter cow and calf. Historically the cow looks the same every year, but this year the cow is in on the fun, wearing a birthday party hat to celebrate.

The cake is complete with embellishments to celebrate Columbus’ bicentennial. It has ornate carvings of notable city landmarks including the Ohio Statehouse, the Santa Maria, Brutus Buckeye and several Columbus area bridges, and is topped with the number 200. The cake also features dairy cows to signify the nearly 3,100 dairy farm families in Ohio who are honoring their state capital’s 200th birthday.

The butter sculptors aren’t bakers, but they did create quite a display! It is made from 1,900 pounds of butter, that’s about 7,600 sticks. It took 451 hours to complete, 212 of those were actually spent sculpting in a 45 degree cooler.


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